Our History

Our association started in 1999 to help bring martial artists together from many backgrounds.  Check out more of our history and timeline. 

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TFC Self-Defense System

Our Total Fighting Concepts Self-Defense System is a robust comprehensive program that was designed to provide students with an all around knowledge of martial arts.  

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Join Us!!!

Join the MAUA Family!  We need your support - if you are interesting in adding credentials to your martial art training, want access to hundreds of instructional videos, or want to increase your network of martial artists - The MAUA is the place for you to be! 

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3 Things We Can Give You

#1) Credibility 

The Martial Arts Unlimited Association is a worldwide recognized martial arts association representing over 20 different styles of martial arts.  Our division directors, martial art instructors, and administrators have all gone through extreme vetting to help legitimize the core of our association.  If you would like to receive recognition for all the hard work you've put into martial arts consider joining our team to help you with that. 

We get emails all the time from students who have either lost their instructor because they quit martial arts, or they have become unhappy with their current school and left but don't want to start all over again.  If this is your story and you're reading this now, send us an email and we can discuss how you can fit into our organization.  

#2) Networking 

Our diverse group of instructors come from all walks of life and have extensive martial arts training with many Grand Masters of their arts.  We can help connect you to the right art and the right people by becoming an MAUA member.  Our board of directors maintains memberships with over 20 different martial art associations that help us connect our members and students to the right people.  

We have helped connect our military members on deployment with training partners in addition to students who moved with new instructors.  Some of our members who travel abroad often times want to train while their traveling and we have the international connections to help make that happen.     

#3) Resources 

By joining The MAUA you will gain access to the hundreds of instructional videos and curriculums in our MyMAUA members section.  There are no prerequisites for membership other than love for the martial arts and a positive attitude.  We offer 3 types of membership packages; Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  

From the Founder

"The Martial Arts Unlimited Association began in Tokyo, Japan in 1999 when there was a demand for martial artists of many different styles to be united under one name. We do not believe there is one dominating style that will outdo any other discipline nor do we discriminate anyone based on their discipline.  Our mission now is to unite martial artists from around the world regardless of style into one organization. Not only does Martial Arts Unlimited represent an openness to build and develop skill, friendships and networks, we also represent quality.  If you are active in any martial art, or if you have done martial arts in the past and you're interested in starting up again, please consider choosing us for your association."

Safe Training,

AJ Weimer 
Executive Director and Founder
Head Instructor at Axiom Martial Arts 

From the Director

I have been a member of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association since the fall of 1999.  The MAUA has giving me more than I could have ever asked for.  I have seen over the years many instructors quit their teaching and training because of the lack of accountability and consistency.  However, before many other associations were around or popular like today, MAUA has been a constant force that has held steady and strong throughout the years. 

Today MAUA offers more than many other associations, with training opportunities, an online video library, annual seminars, tournaments and an active group of dedicated martial artists that are still willing to put on the Gi or the gloves and get in there and mix it up.  If anyone is looking for a martial arts home and they cannot physically attend an official MAUA affiliated academy, then the association is certainly the way to go.  For those that are lucky enough to be part of an official MAUA school, the association membership further increases that value. 

See you on the mats,

J.D. Olsen
Managing Director
Head Instructor at Keishidojo Martial Arts and Fitness Center