Beyond our martial art disciplines, M.A.U.A. has spent years developing and exploring better options for our students with regard to self-defense. It takes years of dedication to master any martial art discipline, yet through programs, students can can learn techniques that can be applied right away.  Our programs usually run about a week or two.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or the advanced martial artist.


   S.T.E.P. – Self-Defense Training and Education Program is designed around a 7 day progression to teach the fundamental concepts, theory, and techniques of self-defense.

 S.T.E.P. for Executives – This is a MUST do program for not just business executives who travel, but anyone who spends time away from home on business or as a tourist.

S.T.E.P. for Women – This program focuses on the unique aspect of survival for women against a sexual assault and aggression.  Our 8 day course addresses the myths women have of what works and what doesn’t work.

S.P.C. – Security Protection Course was created from military and law enforcement personal.  In this program you will learn escape and evasion techniques, counter-terrorism, escort techniques and concepts, and weapons training for hand-to-hand combat and tactics.

I.C.C. – Instructor Candidate Course was created to ensure all our blackbelts, regardless of art, are properly trained as instructors.  This is a mandatory program for all eligible blackbelts.