S.T.E.P. For Executives


Let’s face it, our world today is no longer a safe place. Kidnappings, assaults, and terrorist actions agains civilians are becoming more common place. Businessinsider.com posted the top list of countries where kidnappings are reported. They reported that in December of 2013 “the number of kidnappings in the top ten countries were in the “many thousands.” Even below Iraq, it’s in the “high hundreds in all cases.” The result, if you are a business man or woman traveling abroad, your chances of getting kidnapped are high.

Terror is on the rise in many countries and with terrorism it’s hard to identify where the next attack will come from. Even your hotel isn’t safe as in the case in Mali when armed gunmen stormed the Radisson Inn shooting people who weren’t muslim.

In Mexico a person is kidnapped every six hours, according to the statistics published by Mexico’s National Citizens Observatory, a non-profit organization that keeps track of crime figures. In addition to kidnappings, more terrorist activities have risen in the most common places. In May of 2013, a terrorist stabbed a man to death and chopped him into pieces in downtown London. Paris just recently experienced terror as armed men with guns began shooting civilians in the street. On the Travel Advice and Advisories page for France the State Department stated that “there has been a significant increase in violent theft on public transportation in Paris and its suburbs. Thieves often use violence (bag snatching) and target people talking on phones.” There is a desperate need for personal awareness and self-protection more than ever now.

Taking Action

The Martial Arts Unlimited Association is now offering the Self-Defense Training & Education Program for Executives.  Time is valuable to most of us and especially for the business man or woman who travel frequently.  This course is tailored to fit your company’s needs and can adapt to most training facilities.  A few areas covered in this course are:

  • Threat Assessment and Physical Preparedness
  • Assault Prevention
  • Escape and Evasion Tactics
  • Counter Kidnapping Techniques
  • Modified Weapon Usage
  • Basic and Advanced Self-Defense Tactics

If you travel frequently, work in a high traffic area, or feel at risk for violence or threats against you based on your position, gender, race, or nationality, contact our team to get a seminar scheduled.   This program is not just another self-defense, poke em in the eyes, kick em in the groin program.  Our goal is to education you on awareness and personal security protection.  Take the STEP and empower yourself and the people you work with.

Please fill out our contact form and in the subject line just type “STEP for Execs” and one of our team members will contact you.