S.T.E.P. For Women

Empowering Women Through Self-Defense Education


Learning martial arts to combat rape can take a lifetime since your attacker can come in many different forms with various training backgrounds. There is no simple road. RAPE is an entirely different monster. Any time a women is forced to have sex without her consent is in fact, rape. According to the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Statistics, the number one sexual aggressor or rapist is a steady boyfriend or close friend. This means the person that might rape you someday is a person you know. How scary is that?!!!

S.T.E.P. for Women was designed to educate and empower women in 7 days on what they can do to prepare themselves against an attack. This course is not about fancy moves or wild kicks. Instead, S.T.E.P. for Women is an intense program designed to address some of the hardest topics and empower you to prevent or escape it.

Five Myths About Rape

1.  I live in a safe neighborhood and nothing like that would ever happen in my home.

This is just not true. In fact, according to the Justice of Statistics, 43% of rapes take place in a residence and more often in the victims home. 36% of rapes reported are from individuals the victim knows and trusts.

2. I don’t need to take a class because the police will protect me.

Wrong! Police are there as a response unit to a crime, not prevention – that’s your job! The idea of a police car driving by at just the right moment is slim to none.

3. All you have to do is kick your attacker in the groin or poke him in the eyes.

This is one of the biggest myths being taught today. First, your attacker already knows this and will be ready for it. The one thing this is sure to do is make the attacker more aggressive narrowing your chance for escape. Are you willing to bet your life on one kick?

4. I’ve studied martial arts for years and can handle myself.

If you think your punches and kicks will be hard enough to stop an attacker, you are mistaken. Most attacks will take you by surprise where the attacker grabs your clothing taking your down to the ground while you are beaten into submission. Time will seem to slow down and all you will feel yourself wanting to do is withdraw as the viciousness of the attack creates tunnel vision. If you do not train for these specific situations you will eventually submit and become part of the statistics.

5. Most rapes occur as a “spur of the moment” in a dark alley by a stranger.

Rapes are often planned carefully by an attacker and as mentioned earlier, by someone you know. Prevention of this type of crime requires educating women to think differently about their surroundings.


We take our women’s self-defense program very seriously. Each one of our instructors has to be an accomplished martial artist, pass a background check, and have been approved by our Director. There are many other programs out there but what separates us from the rest is our ability to address real and practical issues that face women in sexual assault and sexual aggression. Our mission is to educate women and empower them to be proactive against the monster of rape.

Please, if you are reading this you have already taken the first step into arming yourself – contact us today to find out how we can set up a class in your area.