Self-Defense Training and Education Program

Over the years, Martial Arts Unlimited students have wanted a crash course in self-defense – something that really works and allows a person to retain what they learn in a short amount of time. Some people just don’t have the time to dedicate to full blown martial arts training which takes a life time. The Martial Arts Unlimited Association is proud to sponsor a no-nonsense eight day program called S.T.E.P.© – 
Self-defense Training Education Program.

This program focuses on putting you in the reality and danger of confrontation. Therefore, this training is designed to give you basic theory and technique to help you in the world of violence and aggression. No army charges into battle without first going into training that gets them as close to the real thing as possible. As a result, when they arrive in country for war, they are prepared. Students will advance to the point where they perform techniques at full speed against their aggressors.

Training is conducted over 8 days for a total of 20 hours. After a student has graduated from the course, he/she will be able to attend future sessions for continued training. Over the 8 days, students will learn:

  • Ground Defenses and Attacks
  • Stand-up Defenses and Attacks
  • Weapons Training both Defensive and Offensive
  • Aliveness training
  • Drills for outside class training

Once a student completes the course, they will be awarded a Course Completion Certificate. The cost for the course depends upon the area. Please contact a local M.A.U.A. rep for estimates and to see about scheduling a class in your area.

This course is a very intense program because we keep the standards high. Instructors for this program must not only be qualified in martial arts, but carry a vast amount of life experience. The following are the minimum qualifications for instructors to enter the certification program:

  • Must be of good moral character
  • Have attained a minimum of at least 1st dan rank in a martial art.
  • Must have extensive ground fighting knowledge
  • Be able to pay the instructor certification fee
  • Must be a member or affiliate member of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association