Martial Art School Coaching

Sensei JD Olsen has been running successful martial art schools, clubs, and competition teams for over 20 years.   Through these years, JD has learned what it takes to run effective and successful martial art programs.  Moreover, the instructor team led by Coach JD at the Martial Arts Unlimited Association, has helped build the Instructor Candidate Course & Martial Arts School Coaching program into internationally recognized coaching systems.  

There are so many martial art consulting companies out there it is almost overwhelming on where to start.  The MAUA has vetted many of them and most fall short of helping you attain your goals as an instructor.  Just because you have a couple of students at the YMCA does not make you an experienced school owner.  Don't bother spending thousands of dollars on programs from guys who haven't been tested by the trials of actually being in the trenches and learning hands on what it takes to be successful as a school owner.  Start here with us - join the team at The MAUA and turn your school into a profitable business.  

Gain the knowledge to be a successful school owner

By signing up for our coaching services you will gain Diamond Member access to The MAUA

Receive a copy of our book, "Launching and Running a Successful Martial Arts School"  


ICC 102 - School Coaching Course 

You can purchase this program (ICC 102) for $698.00 which will include: 

  • Diamond Member Access to The MAUA 
  • Access to our book "Launching and Running a Successful Martial Arts School" 
  • Access to our secret Facebook Page for interactive coaching 
  • Current School Assessment and Coaching Plan 
  • Four conference calls done once each week with Coach JD Olsen 
  • Access to our MAUA Network of Instructors 

ICC 102 - Monthly Coaching 

For an additional $299.00 a month you will receive: 

  • One conference call per week with Coach JD Olsen 
  • Access to our MAUA Facebook page as a contributor for marketing 
  • Marketing materials for your school 

ICC 101 - Instructor Candidate Course 

Also, for $550.00 you can sign up for our Instructor Candidate Course (ICC 101) and receive: 

  • 1 year Platinum Member Access to The MAUA 
  • Access to our interactive online ICC 101 Course 
  • Receive a copy of our book "Instructor Candidate Course" 
  • Certification as a Licensed Instructor from The MAUA 
  • Access to our secret Facebook Page for interactive coaching 
  • Monthly conference calls from our leadership team 

Once you've gone through this program, we recommend having your students go through it as well.  For more information regarding our ICC 101 course you can read more here

What Next?

If you are a school owner and looking for strategies, knowledge, and coaching on how to get your school's earning potential MAXIMIZED, then you need to sign up with us today!  After choosing which program works best for you, our team will register you with The MAUA, and Coach JD Olsen will contact you within 48 hours of signing up to help assess where you are currently at, and the plan to make your school successful.