Stretching MMA Endurance

Metabolic Mayhem

Ready to take your MMA conditioning to the next level? Then it’s time to HIIT it with Tabata! Tabata training is a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that involves maximum work with minimal recovery time. It’s only 16 minutes, but good things come in small packages.

The high intensity work with minimal rest in Tabata training will help improve both aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular fitness. It will increase the efficiency and amount of oxygen your body can absorb from your lungs with every breath. It will raise the threshold level that your blood stream can handle lactic acid. It will amp up your metabolism and continue to burn calories for 24 hours or more after each session.

For the martial artist, this means that when your body is depleted of oxygen, it will be able to provide you with an extra boost of energy when and where you need it most. The exercises in this circuit are designed to strengthen and open the powerhouse core and hips, leaving you with a one-two punch your opponent won’t see coming.

Please note that this was designed for someone who is already very well conditioned, not the beginner athlete. Use caution by warming up, cooling down, and making sure to pay attention to your form.

Are you up for the challenge?

Push yourself through eight rounds of the following:
20 seconds all out work and 10 seconds rest between each exercise. Rest between rounds optional.

A. Burpee Sit Up

From standing, sink hips back into a squat position, then quickly jump into a sprawl. Jump back to squat position, sit down on the ground. Use your momentum to perform one sit up and then hop back into the squat position. Stand up. Repeat.

B. Kneeling Squat Jump

Take a tall kneeling position on the floor. Swing arms and hips backward and the forcefully extend hips and knees. The force will thrust your body forward so you will land on your feet with your arms in front of your body. Kneel back down and repeat.

C. Spiderman Sprawl

Begin in plank position. Step right foot up to the outside of the right hand. Quickly hop right foot back to extend and left foot up to left hand.

D. Around the World Plank

Holding tall plank position, lift and replace left hand, right hand, right foot, and left foot. Repeat for the duration of time.

Try this workout* a maximum of once or twice per week, with one or two days of recovery between. This metabolic mayhem will tax your anaerobic system to give you the explosive edge when and where it counts.

*At your own risk. As always, this program is not meant to replace medical advice. If you are at risk for any health injuries, please run it by your medical professional.

Written by:

Annaleis “Katie” Woodsum, CSCS
Soon after receiving her bachelor’s in Kinesiology, Annaleis worked for the United States Marine Core as a personal trainer, health instructor, and gym manager. She built her dream gym at Camp Pendleton and then moved on to work as an adaptive sports coach to active-duty and veteran wounded, ill and injured Marines and Sailors.

Annaleis believes that the body is a tool that can be fine-tuned to express the true individual. She takes a holistic, functional approach so that you may see and feel the personal training benefits in every aspect of life and is currently the active Health and Fitness Director for the Martial Arts Unlimited Association.